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Feeling last on your partner’s list? The most effective ways to prioritise love in your relationship.

The endless demands of modern life often pull us into spending more time than we want on unimportant things and leave us with little time for the things that matter most. These demands are often so convincing that we sometime forget what matters ... READ MORE

Can relationship counselling cause more harm to couples and families?

Did you read the news article about psychologists practicing couples counselling without proper training?* The article states that in some cases, couples counselling can actually cause more harm than good. I agree. It can be difficult to find the ... READ MORE

60 seconds to transform your evening AND your relationship

After a day apart, the first 60 seconds you spend with someone you know is in many ways the most important moments for the life and vitality of the relationship. This can transform your evening and your relationship. In these fleeting initial ... READ MORE

The Damaging Effects of Stress on Your Relationship - 11 Antidotes

Stress is one of the most common ingredients in a relationship when couples come to see me for couples counselling. If you missed the article I wrote on recognising stress in your relationship and the damage it can do, you can read it here  ... READ MORE

Stress Damaging Your Relationship? – 10 Signs this is Happening

Despite the multitude of reasons a couple might come to see me for relationship counselling, a common trend is that one or both of the partners are feeling stressed. Indeed, 75% of Australians consider themselves to be relatively stressed[1 ... READ MORE

How can we stay connected after children come along?

They walk in the door. He is red faced. She is anxious. They report they haven’t been doing too well over the last couple of years. Petty arguments which sometimes turn into arguments that hurt for days. She reports he won’t talk to her – discon ... READ MORE

How to re-build Respect in your Relationship

Couples in relationship counselling often ask me what the most important ingredient of a relationship is, thinking the answer will be something to do with love. In fact, many couples base their wedding vows on notions of love, believing that will ... READ MORE

How do I get over an affair?

In marriage counselling, it is common for a couple to present with issues around infidelity. I do this work a lot with couples and I also meet with individuals who have been deeply impacted by infidelity and need help making sense of what has ha ... READ MORE

How to stop smart phones damaging your relationship

“My Partner is Always on their Phone” A complaint about mobile phone use may not be the first thing a couple raise when they come to see me for couples counselling, however, phone dependency, phone intrusions and prioritising phone use are strong ... READ MORE

Relationship Roles and Responsibilities

The issue of household chores and responsibilities is a common topic in couples counselling and marriage counselling. While it may sound trivial, many couples find that disagreement on these issues can occupy a huge amount of mental space and emo ... READ MORE

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