Adolescent Counselling

Has adolescence turned your lovely little child into someone you don’t understand anymore?

And do you feel helpless as to what you can do about it?

Teen counselling can help your teen get back on track.

You can have your likeable, friendly and respectful teen back again

As counsellors for teens and their parents we have helped many despairing parents and resistant adolescents work through this challenging developmental stage and end up in loving and mutually respectful relationships. It can be done – no matter how far ‘gone’ they might seem.

Through teen and parent counselling, we can help you:

Adolescence doesn’t have to be awkward and painful – for you or your child. Give your adolescent the support and love they need to make a healthy transition to adulthood.
 We can work with you and your adolescent to make some solid improvements through counselling.

If you don’t think your teenager will come to a counselling session, don’t worry.
We have strategies for that too.


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